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November 11, 2011
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A huge thank you to my friends and watchers for all their support! Every month I will try to give back all this love with a big feature, including works suggested by you :heart:



The works are featured in random order, for variety. So sorry if I missed anyone, I'll make it up in the next article!



Sit back and enjoy!


The golden dancer by Silinde-Ar-Feiniel Little Red Riding Hood by RavenAngelov :thumb265914772: Let it Out by MBHenriksen A Thousand Years by MBHenriksen Old times by Daystar-Art im winde sommers II by Daystar-Art Misty by sesam-is-open Sun Dance in October by sesam-is-open Devious Journal EntryHola de nuevo,escribo estas pocas palabras para agradecer..primero a :iconLadySasha01: ,una persona sumamente generosa! aquí teneis alguna de sus obras e imagenes.
Hello again, I write these few words to thank .. first  :iconLadySasha01: , a very generous person! Here are some of his works and images

Y quiero agradecer también a cada  una de las personas que apoyan mi arte,personas que tienen unas galerias fantasticas,encantadoras,increibles y maravillosas.
Dejo aquí para que todos vean una muestra de sus creaciones..llenas de belleza,sensibilidad y como no! una pequeña muestra de su alma(pienso que cada una de nuestras obras reflejan nuestra manera de sentir y de ver,por lo tanto una pequeñita,muy pequeñita ventana al Alma).
And I want to thank each of the people who support my art, people who have some fantastic galleries, charming, a
Diamonds by Alexzz-In-Wonderland just lean and watch... by Alexzz-In-Wonderland Deeper secrets by AliasElectra Coming from nowhere by AliasElectra A Song From the Deep by xBluepearlx One Wish by xBluepearlx Elementa by evilampadari Confusion by evilampadari Sweet by Sandrahm The cross by Sandrahm waiting by iliumleather End of the road by iliumleather Your Light by ErinM31 'Tis the Night by kpep Black Eyes by kpep Black Tip by PanteraSunrise Distance by catlickfever Arcadia by catlickfever Kinship by DesignbyKatt Tiny Bubbles by DesignbyKatt Regina on Office Couch by jamminwolfie Jenna Over-Exposed by jamminwolfie Imaginary by 20Tourniquet02 Free yourself by 20Tourniquet02 I'm back. by TheRedRussian Spider by TheRedRussian bare bonesonce upon a time, there was a little girl and everyone thought she was a perfectionist but really she wasn't really she was a person really really really real - ly.
{reality is a myth, reality is an illusion a delusion reality is pure imagination (or at least, that's what she makes herself believe because she knows that she will never know any better, her perception of reality is twisted like mirrors falling falling down she loves you she loves the world but it's herself she can't stand because honestly love is all about trust and it's impossible to trust something you know is a ticking time bomb tick-tocking away that just might break the polyester surface and destroy you her)}
darling, have you ever been in love?
red wine and happy endings. that's how the world works if you read too much about romance cities, salty-balmy-soft venice air blending nicely with dusty-poetic parisian streetlights but at the end of the day soiled sheets are soiled sheets and that is the en
sanctify?hello, let's glorify.
fishnets and lace draped
deathly pale skin be
-cause that's just so
don't show the tears, don't
show her crying. (it has to be a her;
girls are fragile. gorgeously so.) just
let us see how her thick black
eyeliner has
scalding her hollow cheeks in
li[n]es perpendicular to her
bones. lovely.
don't make us feel
her pain. we don't want to
for her. but do, oh by all
means do show
it to us. we want to see her,
ensnared in
hello, let's beautify.
picture this baby. snap
those delicate wrists, thin
as fuck, green-blue veins peeking
through tender
layers of skin. grass-green, sky-green,
green. lifelines.
[scars all around.]
her [through the] chest, bony
ribcage, exquisite
breasts. ((ignore the sag. mal
-nutrition would do that to
too.)) she's bent over the toilet
bowl (extra points for ambiguity),
sure it's somewhat repulsive if you consider
the taste of vomit in her lipstick-lined
mouth. but that's the trick,
Weathered Poles and Water Tank by Mellette Rainbow Engines by Mellette Vermeer Still Life by silverz777 Illidan by silverz777 Queen of pain by missalmostperfect When Love Takes Over by missalmostperfect



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