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December 3, 2011
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Watchers' features - November 2011

Sat Dec 3, 2011, 10:20 AM

A huge thank you to my friends and watchers for all their support! Every month I will try to give back all this love with a big feature, including works suggested by you :heart:



The works are featured in random order, for variety. So sorry if I missed anyone, I'll make it up in the next article!



Sit back and enjoy!



:thumb271009776: :thumb271002746: :thumb270745297: :thumb263369076: im winde sommers II by Daystar-Art :thumb269982673: Poison by missalmostperfect Palace of Forgotten by missalmostperfect Gotas by Sandrahm The cross by Sandrahm Widow in the making by RavenAngelov Scorpion by RavenAngelov Imaginary by 20Tourniquet02 Portraiture by 20Tourniquet02 Bubble fish by OanaZ The writer by OanaZ Ease my pain by dangerous-glow Autumn fairytale by dangerous-glow :thumb271044610: :thumb271213784: The Fairy of the Forest by LadyPinguWake Up Dreaming Black by LadyPingu :thumb270947149: :thumb270537334: Fallen by ErinM31 Not Strong Enough by ErinM31 Lost Dream by CamaroGirl666 No More .. Please by CamaroGirl666  Poison Love by MariamMohammedForset fairy by MariamMohammed Pink by TheRedRussian The Other Sun by TheRedRussian Craving the Rose by TheRainGirl Angel of Grief_Emelyn Story by TheRainGirl gloamingi speak loudly
in my head
                          the ghosts
                          well they
don't scare me
                          at all
nothing does
honey, take my hand, let
- me show you why
the earth just keeps on
spinning around
despite the fact
that we're all
drowning and drowned,
dancing on mangled tip-
toes, and dreaming
it-shethere are feathers
clogging my blood
stream, but
they are really
quills jutting out
of my veins, making
the words
and your eyes,
deep down in
side of the entity
i commonly refer to
as me. i am lost and
i am dead and i am
dying and i am going
    so i must
i see my reflection
in the mirror and wonder
which side she sees
when she looks at her
reflection (,me): the out
side or the inside -
i want to be
pretty but that is not
all that matter
         -s to
me. waves crashing
on the salty sea-
shore and i worry will
we all be swept up
and     cast          away
[and i should know
by now; just be
-cause something came
from me doesn't make
it mine, and just be
-cause i want beauty
doesn't mean it/she
wants me]
In Other Worlds by analillithbar Till Death by analillithbar Spring by Gee-X Undersea by Gee-X Swallowtail, Complete by PanteraSunrise Rose and Butterflies WIP 4: Complete by PanteraSunrise Piece Of Heart by PrincessMagical I walk in the woods ... by PrincessMagical Finders Keepers by DesignbyKatt Night Song by DesignbyKatt Angel by DiegoAGM Miss Yogalimari by DiegoAGM Elementa by evilampadari You are safe now by evilampadari Pink Evening by KalosysArt Redemption by KalosysArt Sophistication by AliasElectra Serenity by AliasElectra




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