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July 31, 2011


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A huge thank you to my firends and watchers for all their support! Every month I will try to give back all this love with a big feature, including works suggested by you :heart:

The works are featured in random order, for variety. So sorry if I missed anyone, I'll make it up in the next article!

Sit back and enjoy!

Bloody Mary by Doom-ArtUn Modo Per Dire Ti Amo by sesam-is-openBon Apetite by sesam-is-openWit and Wisdom by sesam-is-openshining by Alexzz-In-Wonderland::Beauty hidden in the bud:: by Alexzz-In-Wonderlandstrength of your love. by Alexzz-In-Wonderland:thumb217103307::thumb216082955::thumb214554177:Tonight, i got you..... by ShinyDragonflyThe Lake of Tears by ShinyDragonflyA moment's silence by ShinyDragonflyThe Joker Man Dude by LovindahEvangeline Lilly by LovindahSomewhere Beyond the Sea by Lovindah:thumb216714221::thumb216207756::thumb214267399:Reborn by LadyPinguYou are the next to Die... by LadyPinguThe Demon and his little Pain by LadyPinguO u t c a s T by J-u-d-a-sC o n t r o l by J-u-d-a-s.: without the fire :. by KuramaPhoenix.: fairy :. by KuramaPhoenix.: Phoenix :. by KuramaPhoenixHide by andishXDGraph2 by andishXDThe Dead Girl Epilogue part II by AelathenAgainst Myself by Aelathen.:Without You:. by Aelathen:thumb216979299::thumb216297986::thumb216283704:Eterna Soledad by FireWolf23Listen by FireWolf23Awake by FireWolf23:thumb214972261::thumb215749007::thumb216694002:Night-spiration by 20Tourniquet02Insomnia by 20Tourniquet02To be purple by 20Tourniquet02forgotten by jguridiUndesired by jguridiShiny are the veils at night by jguridiNight of the Wolf Moon by Night-DreamingResurrection by Night-DreamingFox Dreams by Night-Dreamingphoenix on fire by iliumleathernot like them by iliumleatheri use to live here by iliumleatherStairway to Heaven by analillithbar:thumb214055648:Simply Beautiful 3 by analillithbarDisciples by 2012ReapeRWroclaw HDR by 2012ReapeRSlavic Adventure Camp Poster by 2012ReapeRreall life magical Family by AquaMajicaNight and Day by AquaMajicaAqua and Tyler by AquaMajicaThrough Rose-Tinted Glasses by Myst-MoonDefinition of Love No.362 by Myst-MoonFemininity by Myst-MoonMagenta Elf by MaskdArlequinFear the Mother by MaskdArlequinHelp me Nancy... by MaskdArlequin A Very Old Story
                    "Friends from the House In Front of Mine"
At night, I cry, while my friends lay asleep in their beds. When I know that they are all asleep, I, too, go to sleep in my little bed. A car engine starts, and I awaken immediately. It's only dad, but from then on, I remain awake. Cars pass by on the road just above my house, some with bad mufflers, and some with dogs in the back, barking their heads off because they're thrilled to be off their leashes or out of their homes. I envy those dogs.
Half an hour before noon the next day, my friend comes out of the house in front of mine and brings me food and water. She calls me her buddy, and sometimes her baby. It makes me feel loved, and all I can do is smile. I am excited to see her whenever she comes around, but that seems to be the only time.
Sometimes, my friend's dad will take me out the road, and I love it. The wind throug
Dog Bay by ButterflyAnaes Hello Life
Hello life......I'm here...where are you?
I'm hiding
From the truth? From actualities that remain hidden from us both?
..or behind lies that makes us blind?
I'm still hiding.
Why? Why are you hiding from me? I would love to be just as vibrant as you are.
I would love to take all the risks you do.
I want to bleed,
I want to love,
to be loved.
I want to breathe.
I want to know what it truly feels like to lose a loved one,
to have my heart ripped out by those I thought were true,
those I held dear to me.
I want to feel the dampness of the rain on my face,
the sting of salty tears in my eyes.
I want to be thrown down on my back from the wind,
picking me up and shoving me down like I was the lightest substance on earth.
I want to laugh so hard my sides ache,
and my lungs can no longer fill with air.
I want to cry to the point where I speak to no-one afterwards.
I want to be so angry that instead of writing poems,
I take a towel, wrap it around my fist, and punch a hard surface...
..say, a w
:thumb211949023::thumb214719648::thumb215242618:Sugary Kisses from Aika by AikasCupcakeSend her my L.O.V.E by AikasCupcakeSugar Cookie Romance by AikasCupcakeJulia And Joey 2 by MelissaGriffinBeach Time by MelissaGriffinWoods Witch by MelissaGriffinRed and Black chibi Girl by happychatterElena by happychatterBird Manip Premade by happychatterFor the love of a horse by missalmostperfectShipwrecked by missalmostperfectBite me by missalmostperfectRisen Demon by kitathehalfbloodLooking Out by kitathehalfbloodRose Red by kitathehalfblood032811-Princess Yum-Yum by SP85061511 - Applejack by SP85052911 - Fluttershy by SP85Isabel WIP by silverz777Lily WIP2 by silverz777Sushi by silverz777Enchanted Forest Butterfly by Lucinhae:thumb212931078::thumb180422032:Queen of the Fae by ReverieSummonerA Fairytale Night by ReverieSummonerRailway by ReverieSummonerPeaceful by DesignbyKattAurora Borealis by DesignbyKattSanctuary by DesignbyKattBurlesque by BeautifulBizarreMag:thumb79292276:Tattooed Woman 2 by BeautifulBizarreMagFlaming Love by primalfuryan:thumb194203028:Lilies -for you- by AkaiAgehaFalling Expectations by AkaiAgeha.:Underneath my clothes:. by AkaiAgeha She reminds you of the wishesIt's not so much that she wants to run away. She just wishes she could feel better -- no, she could be better -- in a place which isn't here. Wherever 'here' is anyway. It's always the wrong place.
She's afraid of the sky. And when you asked her why, she said,
"it just looks so heavy. I'm afraid that one day it will fall
down on me
and crush
You could never figure out what she stared at
when she propped her pretty bony elbows on that white windowsill (the paint was chipped but she said that only made it more beautiful, more like home, even though she never quite understood what that word meant) and stayed that way for hours
on end, ignoring the clock
and her surroundings. It was like she had faded out
into a world of her own. And then one day you figured out that she wasn't looking up at that dreaded sky or down at the ground which was too solid for her tastes. She always had this feeling that it would swallow her whole if she let her guard down, and early on already, you w
wade,disenchant,flail:flounderi said fly me to heaven
because that's where you want
me to be
peaceful meadows
groaning churning
wax-drip sea
said if i'm going to be
caught in a spider web
maybe it's
not worth
trying anymore
you said fly me to heaven
because that's where
you want to be
i told you heaven
isn't real
and your hands shook
crystal clear crash
of glass clattering around me
ethereal this breeze
this ellipsis
this hurricane
this exhausting race
into nothing from
because i thought too
hard and you
to think at all and
dreams are only good
'til you wake up
(or 'til you fall because the angels
don't know how
to catch a single
you said fly me to heaven
because that's where they told us
we were supposed to be
again i told you
heaven isn't real
heaven isn't real
i meant for us to drift
off into the sunlight
live in the bittersweet golden glow
soft and honeyed and gentle but
the stars came out
blazed by and burned us
the stars came out
i said fly me to heaven
because that's where you
aspire, inspire.ii. so you'll find that there's magic
in your veins.
and you've always loved
magic. yearned for
so you'll rip
open your
and the magic will
pour out, oh yes.
scarlet ruby red crimson
spurting dribbling running
spilling thick flowing
you'll watch it, entranced.
it sure won't watch [over]
you'll have to clean it
the raw red throbbing magic on your
wrist is what you'll need
to look out for; it might
get infected.
iii. so you'll find someone who thinks
you're beautiful and tells you
so, too.
and you'll think she's
so than
it will be wonderful like a
play. you are a literature
student so you know it's a
melodrama. she will want your
heart and you will want her
soul and neither
of you will be entirely
satisfied. she will lose her
patience and you will lose
kindness and you
will lose each
other. she will run away from her
anti-home to help out at her sister's
you will both be
hurt. she will have already told you
she would hur
Female Archer Sig Banner by GirfactorAnime Signature Banner by GirfactorMy Banner by Girfactor

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