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August 24, 2011


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A huge thank you to my firends and watchers for all their support! Every month I will try to give back all this love with a big feature, including works suggested by you :heart:

The works are featured in random order, for variety. So sorry if I missed anyone, I'll make it up in the next article!

Sit back and enjoy!

Through the Sleepy Hollow by xBluepearlx Crystalline Illumination II by xBluepearlx .: Phoenix :. by KuramaPhoenix .: Frozen Heart :. by KuramaPhoenix 98: Famous Paintings by Loved-is-a-Leo Character Signature- Kanta by Loved-is-a-Leo Eterna Soledad by FireWolf23 Listen by FireWolf23 Siamese by Eugenelle :thumb245541545: Sugar Baby Sheena by jamminwolfie Come Hither by jamminwolfie . : Y e l l o w : . by Den-Lilla-Rose Urban View by Den-Lilla-Rose Taylor Swift by TheMetallicWing :thumb224691457: Insomnia by 20Tourniquet02 Free yourself by 20Tourniquet02 Through The Forbidden Forest by Sannalee01 Black Widow by Sannalee01 Gradient by Myst-Moon FindingBeautyInNegativeSpaces by Myst-Moon Face In the Reflection
This face in the reflection is nothing but a monster.
You let your rage take over just once, and after,
a debilitating shockwave of fear
and embarrassment/disgust in yourself knocked you to the ground.
As you cried uncontrollably,
you became aware of the demon unleashed.
The face in the mirror is now a familiar stranger.
Worry by wolfiegirl12 Little Friends by wolfiegirl12 Season Of Rains by Rudranee Horus by Rudranee Out of Control by LadyPingu Emily by LadyPingu Nevermore by ChristabelleLAmort Until the Last Petal Falls by ChristabelleLAmort :thumb243793682: :thumb244550476: Vertigo by AliasElectra Fushia kisses by AliasElectra Justicia bow by ukwreckdiver U-2511 stern by ukwreckdiver Contrast by Lovindah Somewhere Beyond the Sea by Lovindah DragonFly by yooka swan2 by yooka claws by TheRedRussian Wenderholm by TheRedRussian mercyrazor-sharp cheekbones rip flesh to shreds; acidic tears devour integrity. i am detestable. devastated.
ceaselessly, you ravage me.
bulimia nervosa, in d minoryou're very pretty, in a heart-wrenching kind of way.
your scrawny arms, usually sporting silver or gold bracelets which look more alive than you sometimes, your skin is so frighteningly pale.
he loves you, you know.
yes. you know.
your arms lead up to your shoulder blades, like branches on a delicate tree. a willow.
a weeping willow.
shoulder blades. razor sharp, those, sticking out of your back as if they had been wrenched apart and away
from you.
he wonders whether you want to fly. one day you told him,
sometimes, i'd like to fade away. have you ever thought of that? just close my eyes and disappear.
i wouldn't die, no, not exactly. i would still feel the wind blowing through my hair, i would still see the grass rustling, maybe i could even stand up and feel
it beneath my feet. i love the feel of dew, you know. it's such a gentle complement to the scratchy blades.
you always go off on tangents such as these. other roads. other ways. other trains
of thought. you aren't very
Katherine by happychatter Standing Alone by happychatter Queen of pain by missalmostperfect Storm by missalmostperfectrandom article 2 (update) by iliumleather priceless or waste of time by iliumleather :thumb204989630: :thumb212651535: ...Every girl should use... by Varlyte The way to find the limits. by Varlyte Poughkeepsie Keepsake by MaskdArlequin Up for a promotion by MaskdArlequin Tiny Frog by andishXD Hide by andishXD Flute Collage by silverz777 Illidan WIP7 by silverz777 Window to the soul by Lolly1123 World in a bubble by Lolly1123 Moonlight Sunset by 19melody97 The one which gives us life by 19melody97 Too far from reality by Camelia-07 Chewing-gum bubble by Camelia-07 :thumb245627813: :thumb251140614: Defiant by ProyectoOniric Hell in Dreams by ProyectoOniric
Pipe Dreams by DesignbyKatt Kinship by DesignbyKatt

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